Pioneers of Whipped Soap Diary

August 2005




I first posted my tutorial of 'How to Make Whipped Soap' on Monday 22nd August, 2005.  Prior to that I had a visit from my good friend Lisa WB, a clever and  knowledgeable soaper, living right here in Australia. I used the opportunity to show Lisa the method.  Lisa successfully completed her first batch of 'Whipped Soap' and was surprised just how easy the method really is. It was Lisa who encouraged me to write up a tutorial for my website and post some photos to share this new method of making soap. You can put the whip away now Lise, I've done it! :-))


I decided that this new 'Pioneers' page would be a good idea to show other soapers the great results being achieved by other 'Whippers' and also by using the hyperlinks, readers can read the complete thread.

This 'Pioneers' page is open to anyone who makes whipped soap and wants to display their work here. I will publish as many as I can until I use up all of my allotted space from my ISP. I may need to remove some photos from time to time to allow us to fit in as many as possible.


Featured Whippers Work

I'd like to feature here any work that is worthy to get a special display for a while to bring extra attention to those other 'Whippers' out there and take the whipped soap method a further mile, thus inspiring others to believe they too can do it!




Odette Handley from South Africa sent me thanks for inspiring her to make these extremely elegant cupcakes.

These cupcakes show a great combination of cold process soap and whipped soap together.

Nice work Odie :-)


You can checkout Odie's website and blog which is listed further down this page.



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7th July 2005:

I really have to get my head around that this soap works completely different to cp.  Un-gelled CP I could have easily had in the mould another day or two with no dramas.  So the whipped stuff DOES set firm quicker.
The scent is most definitely still very strong weeks later and this was scented at half my usual amount!!

You should feel real good about yourself and the generosity of spirit that you
are sharing. Your generosity and your creativity of your new soap vision.  It is a wonderful thing to see the overwhelming positiveness of it all, it makes for warm and fuzzy feelings.

Lisa W.B. - Australia

24th August 2005:

I used my own recipe, it was pretty good. I used shea butter, cocoa butter, soy shortening, coconut oil, & for the liquid oils I used rice bran, olive, and castor.

I wet my hands and smoothed over the soap and that worked well. I did add some sea salt, sugar, and titanium dioxide to my lye water. I added blue ultra marine to half the soap. I did scent my soap before adding the colour because I knew the fragrant oil behaves well. I used 'Cool Mountain Lake' fragrant oil from -

Juana Serrano

26th August 2005:

Redemption is MINE! ... I did it again. This time I modified recipe #2 a little. I STILL can't get the green to work for me though.
 I did it like Terry said and scented the soap first and then added colour and it still didn't work. But I think it will come out well. It smells divine.

Bunnie - Anhoki


28th August 2005:

First batch - scented with Lavender EO, (over) coloured with liquid Food colouring.

Second batch - used non-stick mini loaf pans - Sage/Poppy seeds and Pine EO

Laetitia (Tish) Johannesburg South Africa


28th August 2005:

Whipping the fats before adding lye seemed much better to me and so I tried it after I had read your tutorial. I also did a simple tutorial for the people who donít speak English.

this is where you find it:

But I am going to move it soon to

Youíre right with what youíve said about sharing. We all just can learn from each other if we share our experiences.

 What I found out while I was adding the lye to the whipped fats is:

NEVER pour the lye into the whisks.  Never never never do that. It burns... 

Avi -

Take a look at Avi's tutorial as it shows whipped soap made at a thinner consistency than my recipe.



31st August 2005:

I gave in and whipped it ... the soap that is!  Not real sure I like this. Maybe it was my recipe, but it seemed rather runny. Fine for glopping in the moulds, not so fine for decorating bags. Probably should've just stuck with moulds instead of trying to pipe it  Don't think there's going to be any pics of this batch.


Ok, I guess the problem wasn't really the whipped soap in general, just trying to work with it like icing. Mostly I was frustrated. I had only set up 3 bags, figuring I'd make some swirl blobs like Terry's then switch tips and put flowers on top. Star tips I started with weren't the right shape to begin with. Trying to unscrew the coupler with wet slippery bulky rubber gloves on doesn't work.  So I ended up with big blobs and little blobs. Wonder if whipped soap can be rebatched?  I had prepared a couple mini loafs pans in case I had too much (which I did) so I have a couple mini logs that look fine. I just got both of them out of the pans and cut one. It didn't turn out bad.
Yeah, I know I made it hard by trying to pipe. But everyone was having trouble with cutting and I don't have a drop saw so I thought maybe I could avoid cutting all together...LOL Now that I've rambled on here...



31st August 2005:

I made this Monday night. :::sniff:::: my camera is gone. This is seven colours -- and I had enough time to do another seven if I had them. This stuff is really wild. It took 36 hours before it was ready for unmoulding. It's scented with lime/patchouli. The colours I used were from the Chemistry store -

1. Multicoloured

2. Watermelon Float

3. Dessert

Amy Jo


31st August 2005:

Well here it is. And boy is it soft! But 4TBSP of Lavender Eo was plenty for 2lbs of soap. I am curious how long it will take to harden up and how long the lavender will last:

Moonie - Angie Herman - Charleston, SC, USA

2nd September 2005

It's still a bit too soft to cut, but the sides came off the mould lining, just some PAM sprayed on. It's till zappy also... Terry, you're a genius!

jbren - Jackie Brennan - Pennsylvania US



1st September 2005:

I oiled my moulds with castor oil. I hope the colour tones down a little bit. It's pretty bright. A thin layer of soap stayed behind in the moulds, but the rest came out. I tried one cavity without oiling, so I could see what happens. That's the one that got stuck. When I finally got it out, almost half of it stayed behind; "glued" to the cavity. You can see how I made my whipped soap here:


1st September 2005:

. . . .with whipped soap!! if the two batches I just made turn out, I will have added yet ANOTHER obsession! 
I made a vanilla lavender batch...put the vanilla in part and lavender in the other part...want to see what whipped soap does with vanilla...right now it is a light yellow.

the other batch was red clover tea...half with warm red mica the other part left white.  I will post pictures after cutting.
Don't read the thread...JUST DO IT!!  that's what I did!! I went to Terry's tutorial on his it once or twice and went for really is quite simple. I will post my recipe if anyone is interested. ok these aren't cut pictures, but thought I'd post them in the mould anyway.

3bees~1flower - Carrie


2nd September 2005:Ok, did it today.
Things I learnt:
1) Cold lye still does sting.
2) Make sure you can actually use a piping bag before you start - or else con a baker into doing it for you......Hey Terry, the spare bed has been made up, and your favourite foods are in the fridge - when did you say you were coming to stay...I mean visit.
3) Make sure the piping bag is big enough. I had to refill mine 4 times. Hey Terry where the hell can I get a decent piping set from??
4) Make sure you don't have to rush. Don't leave doing this until just before you have to pick the children up from school. It takes forever......Thanks sweetheart for collecting the children for me. Yes, I will make it up to you.
5) Is it messy? bloody oath. For those that don't know, that phrase is Australian for 'yes, quite messy'.
6) I used Lavender EO, and thought my 'Brilliant Blue, which turns mauve in CP soap' would be fine. Bloody brilliant blue stayed blue, then went a dull grey. (when the pics were taken)
7) I used Palm oil, Lard, Castor oil and Soya Bean oil.

Fiona - Australia



3rd September 2005:

I have attached a photo of my latest 'Whipped Soap'. This one is scented with chocolate fragrant oil with just a touch of banana. I drizzled the top of the soap with clear Melt & Pour soap coloured with cocoa powder and also scented with chocolate fragrant oil.

Juana Serrano

5th September 2005:

You know it doesn't surprise me at all. For some reason with everything the SECOND time with me is the charm.
I could not resist the temptation and success stores online so.. I got my oils, (palm, castor, olive)...Whipped the devil out of the palm, going as planned, however when I added the castor and olive it just turned into super thick pudding. Plus my olive oil is dark green so there went my pretty white soap.
Anyways I still whipped. (with a hand held blender) the blender for cakes. Left it, whipped some more, left it again. whipped again. Still no pretty whipped soap. My conclusion is although my soap was mostly palm I think I added to much liquid oils. Next time I will cut back on the olive. I still proceeded on and added my lye water slowly in hopes that perhaps I was just being to hurried. whipped some more and the same results...Super, thick pudding.  Well what could I do 'cept take a bit out, colour it, put it in the mould, slammed it and put it in a warm oven. (I did put some left over soap into a mould, those have a different texture and look to them) unmoulded within 5 hours, cut with a crinkle cutter and was amazed at how hard it is...well enough, judge for yourself.

Dreamer -

6th September 2005:

My first attempt at whipped soap and still trying.. A Nizzy artist... I am NOT!!

Mary Loveless - Leonard, MI -


6th September 2005:

Whipped soap with Sweet Orange/ Cinnamon/ Clove EO's.
The "crust" has ground Cinnamon, which is also sprinkled on top.

Laetitia (Tish) Johannesburg South Africa

7th September 2005:

I made this chocolate mint whipped soap this morning. I had planned on doing layers but this soap ended up being too much for my 3# mould so AFTER I had it in the 3# mould I had to "pour" and pound it into the 5# mould and it turned out like this. Considering what it went through I think it turned out well.


8th September 2005:

My first whipped soap- scented it with mainly rose geranium eo with highlights of ylang and just a touch of cedar wood....

Hehe- ok Tish you were right! This method was pretty neat! Though I had big concerns using that much in solid oils because my skin, at least, really doesn't like extreme amount of palmitic acid . So I cheated a little.  The coconut oil portion of my recipe I kept at my usual .17 SAP and still superfatted at 5% for the extra superfat in the end and I chose to mix my colorants with a little bit of glycerine hoping it would make it a tad softer so I wouldn't have to consider chainsaws or table saws! It worked too because I cut it with my regular drywall scraper thingy and it was nice and soft after 8 hours, but enough to get the cut. Good thing too cus she's nice and hard today! That and of course I just can't follow direction and added equal portions lard, palm, and Crisco- I think the lard made it easier to deal with. For the mould I busted my old "Martha Mold" out of the closet instead of using my regular vertical mould because in my vertical mould things can gel pretty easily. Though you guys know me- I have to try everything at least 3 times so next time I think I will use the vertical and see what happens. I'm kinda curious if it would keep a similar consistency if it did go through a gel. 

drklashes - Lisa

9th September 2005:


Oh, have no idea what kind of an obsession you've created in this quiet, little, Midwest town! I am absolutely HOOKED on your invention of whipped soap! You are a genius!!! I saw your post and, after reading and rereading your tutorial, I tried to sleep.....but I couldn't because my brain wouldn't stop.....morning came and I got up but just could NOT leave the house to go to work! Instead, I stayed home and made 15 logs of whipped soap! Hey, I TOLD you I'm obsessed...

Anyhoo, I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your creation with us all! Now, I am no photographer, so please bear with my feeble attempts....  Very first one out of my brain....



2twinkles - DebMarie Phillips

10th September 2005:

Hello, Terry,
You inspired a lot of people ( including me ) with your whipped soap. Now, be prepared for my short history of whipped soapmaking.

I used 3/4 solid oils ( palm, lard and tallow ) and 1/4 liquid oils ( olive, almond and a little bit castor oil. ).
photo 1: I won't show you the mutilated ones LOL.  but I learned a lot from this batch
photo 2: I'm very proud of the second batch. We, DH and I , cut it with a guitar

             string, after 24 hours ( works perfectly ).

photo 3: We drank the wine and now I have a perfect soap mould. (Wine sold in wooden box)

photo 4: Here's a picture of my third whipped soap. I used tallow, lard and palm ( 75 % )and olive, sunflower and castor. (25 %) I scented it with 5 ml lavender EO and I used yellow, red and green food colour and I left one part, white. The bright green turned olive green.
There was something, that didn't happen to whipped soap 1 and 2. As I took it out of the mould, the next day, I noticed it was warm.
It's good night for me and good morning for you. Have a wonderful (soap) day,
Ineke - Netherlands


10th September 2005:

I had to try this method of soapmaking. Wow was it fun....don't know why I was so nervous about it. Anyway, I obviously did not slam the mould well enough, but I think the air holes give it character.  Next time I will be slamming it good.  I will be trying this one again, for sure. But not until I get the correct cutter.

These are the oils I used. Tallow, Coconut, Olive and Corn Oils

This was scented with Evening Embrace from FOH. Therefore, I named it:   Embrace the Whip.

Thanks for lookin' and Thank You, Terry!

Maltesima - Penny from SWPA

10th September 2005: Goats Milk I tried the whipped thing....using goat milk for my liquid...this is it in the mould
I used Lard, Coconut, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive....coloured with Yellow Mica....scented with Lemon Slice FO
I tried keeping my GM/lye mix cool but being impatient I probably added the mix too soon to the whipped oils, didn't seem to regain it's former volume....

I will be trying this method again, taking more time and probably refrigerating the whipped oils to keep things cool as well as the lye mix and now cut...after about 6 hours.

All my soaps are done using goat milk from my own goats and that's why I wanted to try the whipped soap using goat milk. It has worked and the scent i used is very strong just like you said.

Tree Frog - Melanie -

12 September 2005:

My millionaire shortbread whipped soap's colour did not quite work out but I will call it Tiramisu and be happy with it for a first attempt. These bars will never leave this house but hey, I'm happy with them. Here is a very crappy pic taken with my cellophane camera: 
Note how all the bars are the same size..........NOT! I used a box lid as a mould and could not quite get the measurements right. The soap was still soft when I cut it but I was to afraid to have to cut it with a saw tomorrow! LOL! It is still firming up.
Thanks again to Nizzy for all the inspiration! I'm already fretting over what I can do for the dang swap Deb bullied me into...........he he.... 

oOo Michelle oOo - South Africa

12th September 2005:
Scented with lemongrass sage. I CPWOPed (cold process whipped oven process) this. Don't think it gelled but there is no zap this a.m. Don't laugh at my piping. OK go ahead and laugh. I never piped anything before so this was a first play time.
I first tried a blue/green mica for colouring the green, but it turned grey so I mixed some green oxide into it. You can see in the bar middle front that there are now some little specks of blue/green showing up.
I'm also noticing some brown developing along some of the top edges. Don't know what that would have been caused from. I'll see if it continues or not.
Anyway, it was lots of fun and I can't wait to do some more.
Gail -

14th September 2005:

Here is my first try at a whipped soap. It is really pretty in the mould I can't wait to try and cut it. It is scented with Orange Creamscicle. - Thank you Terry! I am lovin it 
Here are the cut bars. I had a little trouble getting them out of that mould. The corners kinda broke off as I was peeling the mould off. Yes it is a silicone baking pan. It was difficult to cut without crumbling also. I used a putty knife and cut 10 hours after pour. It was still fairly soft, but I think that is because I could not get it to whip into hard peaks.


14th September 2005:
Dark cupcakes on left were scented with Pink Sugar. The bottoms turned bright yellow at first and are now of course dark brown. I did colour the top piping pink, but it turned too.
In the middle, the cupcakes were scented with Pumpkin Pie Spice. The toppings were supposed to be orange, but NOT. The free piping behind are the same scent - hmmmm, pink pumpkin spice.
On the right I scented with lemon and didn't colour. Thought I would paint some yellow on. Couldn't find my little brushes so just drizzled on. Didn't work well and it turned orange!

Gail - Arkansas Ozarks

14th September 2005:

Anyone tried making 'Whipped' soap yet?
I think I am becoming an addict! It's amazing soap and what a luxury to be able to *calmly* colour, layer and swirl! I started 3 weeks ago on it and can't seem to force myself to do anything else!

The second photo is the Candy Cane one (Peppermint EO). Next time I'll do it in a log mould. This one was done in a silicone. It was my 2nd attempt.

I am definitely happily addicted

No gel stage. Don't insulate it. It is already firm to begin with so it sets up pretty quickly. Just pour in your moulds (after having loads of fun colouring, swirling, scenting and layering)
Incorporating the lye water in small amounts and whipping after keeps it fluffy.
I have a kitchen aid and I used the splash shield. I didn't whip at a high speed while pouring either (call me a coward )

I call you sensible :-) ... switch to a lower speed when adding the caustic/lye water... Terry
Kristi -Follow the thread here:

14th September 2005:
The purple, white & pearl green is the one I posted on the dish.
FO scent is: Hyacinth, Lily, Ginger, sandalwood, Oils: Shortening, Palm, Coconut, Castor Olive oil & vitamin E oil.
The method is of course your "Whipped Soap" I refrigerate my liquid oils. The rest is room temp.


18th September 2005:

Apparently, I would too.  I tried whipped soap today. I made Whipped Strawberry Cheesecake Pastilles. I've got a step by step, with pictures here at my soap journal.
Here's one of the trays of the pastilles:

Soapy Hollow

18th September 2005:

O.k. so it's my turn to give it a good whip! 
I have tried to use the whisk attachment of my stick blender and i really got worried as the oils were hard as a rock! Poor whisk got all hot and tired (and it's a good one) so I'm giving it a rest. What i did figure out is if i use the stick blender to squash the "rocks" a bit it's easier to whip it. That's exactly what i did and it's all mushy now. I guess I'm just keep going ... I'll let you know how I got on!

Update: I have done it!!!!!!!! I had to whisk the heck out of it by hand as my electric one was a soft guy and would just gently "rub" it instead of a good whack ! Anyways it all behaved beautifully and I'm sure addicted to making this !!!
I coloured it with Yellow and Red pigments and scented it with Sandalwood FO (Gooooooorgious scent!):

I cut it and it was smooth as butter!

I used a stainless steal sheet (nothing fancy:))! I was hesitating when to cut it but it turned out just right! That's great stuff- got my best swirl ever -so far that is   !
I JUST LOVE IT! I'm gonna get a proper mixer now tomorrow  !!!
It looks like Vienetta ice cream -that was my BF's comment.


18th September 2005:

1. This is my salt soap with regular table salt and sea salt on top. Scented in DayStar's Kai Halulu (which smells even better soaped than out of the bottle).
2. Here is my whipped soap! Scented in Pink Sugar. It's about 5 days old and I expect it to get darker. This was a lot of fun.

melissaw - West Texas, US -

18th September 2005:

It's in the mould   It was so nice and fluffy before the lye, I didn't think the bowl would hold it. The lye did bring it down, so I whipped a while longer, and took some out to "swirl". It was a bit thicker when it came time to put in the mould - maybe even pipe-able. I did the lasagne thing and swirled, and in some places on the top, it actually looks swirled. (ot - wahoo, A-Rod hit a home run) My DD is under strict orders to come straight home from work and take pictures with the digital. Scented with White Tea and Ginger with a blue-green swirl (I hope).

Terry, it was easy and fun - I'll chill the lye water next time. I rushed cutting it to see if the swirl was still pretty soft. I'll definitely be trying this again. Thanks Terri and everyone for all the support.

cheesequeen -Judy -

18th September 2005:

I wondered if you could make fluffy soap balls out of whipped soap, so I gave it a try. The coloured one is just a colour experiment with TKB's neon colour gels.

They're TKB Trading's liquid neon colours. The purple morphed into kind of a pinky-lilac, but the others--I love them, and there's an orange that I didn't use here. Didn't have to use much, either.


1st October 2005:

Fiasco with my first batch....had to dump it back into mixer rewhip and so lost the gorgeous colour I previously had....anyway this is Frank & Myrhh....

And this second one is scented with WSP's Noel the smell! The soap is white, green and supposed to be red but came out pink....the picture makes it look lighter than it is. 


12th October 2005:

Here is my recipe  Palm 55%, Olive 15%, Castor 5%, Coconut 25% - does it sound ok to you for a 'whipped' recipe....? We took the lye amount from the 5 bit on the calculator, so I guess that means its 5% superfatted too...


I really work myself up and stress easily so I was glad Trev was there to help (in fact he did most of it, under screaming instruction PML)  we started whipping up the palm and coconut, thought it was too thick and was never gonna work but of course once we added the liquid oils, oooh meringue...not being sure how long to whip it for we did it for a little while it was holding its peaks and looking pretty good so we added the scent (I think it was Pink Grapefruit FO that I got in a co-op) and I'm trying to get my rubber gloves off and Trev is looking more and more like a mad scientist and the Kenwood is whizzing faster and faster and I'm screamin louder and louder to turn the frickin thing off and he's telling me he just wants to make sure its mixed well...sheesh,    When I finally lifted the beaters out of the soap, it was almost butter....

We left it sittin on the kitchen table where we look at it, and that we did!  Every time one of us walked past we made a comment, or had to have a little touch,  I think Trev took the mould apart around 4 hours later and we tried cutting a little as it was sort of set up, but a little came away on the knife so we let it sit I think another hour or so and when he cut it, it wasn't cutting with the knife (like you said), it was sorta brittle....(oh oh I'm thinking)  so I had some 24 gauge wire and he cut it all up with that, hard to grip onto the wire with your fingers it wouldn't cut right to the base so I had to use a ruler to push the wire down as Trev was cutting with the wire, I think he had to sort of saw back and should have been a fly on the wall, I reckon we must look like

Maree - Victoria Australia


13th October 2005:

I started making the whipped soap and now it is all I do I absolutely LOVE it. I even make whipped soap salt bars too!

The soap on my home page is a whipped cucumber mint soap with real cucumber and the peels from my garden it is wonderful.  Thanks for sharing your soap venture of the whipped soap, my customers love my soap. I am soooooo addicted. :)

Dawn Anderson -


22nd November 2005:

Okay, here it is - my first batch of whipped soap (in fact, my first batch of any soap EVER)
It's nowhere near as great as the other whipped soaps I have seen, but I think it didn't work out too bad considering I have never done this before.
It's still softish and was easy to cut (I probably did it a little too early but was impatient.
I promise - it is my first ever batch of soap. I am so excited though, I want to make more .
I did scented it with Orange & Peppermint EO. They have blended well together & gives off a refreshing & uplifting fragrance.
The colours didn't quite work out how I thought they would but then again, I just kind of blobbed them in the milk carton spoon for spoon & hoped for the best.
It is only just starting to get fairly hard so when I put pressure on it, there are no dents in the soap.
Hopefully by morning it will be ready to use (or do I need to wait longer??).
It looks a bit like pavlova am almost tempted to snap a bit off & taste it.
I am going to try CP next - just hunting around for a thermometer.

Barbara - Victoria - Australia

1st December 2005:

I ain't complaining for a first and second attempt.

Your instructions were the "bomb diggity" as my children would say.  I read, re-read, and read 'em some more before starting the project. I simply, slid the dividers down and away from the soap.

Aminah -

10th December 2005:

Here is my whipped soapy from yesterday too. I used Terry's recipe 3 and that's how it turned out. Scented with Mango Tango-love this scent- will have to spend some money in the new year! It turned out quite o.k. even though it's soft as could be after 12 hours so I have to handle it like a whipped cream cake.....The bottom looks like gorgonzola cheese I thought...

zizibee - Europe

1st February 2006:

I thought I would drop you a line & tell you that I have tried your whipped soap technique. What a gem. I can really smell the difference from whipped compared to cp. So much fresher, cleaner smell.

From some of the posts I have read from others that have tried whipped soap I have something to tell them as well as you...... If you have trouble releasing your soap, do as I do & that is place your mould in your freezer after the soap has sat in the moulds for at least 24hrs. Allow 24hrs of freezing before removing, then let it rest for a few minutes & you will see the edges coming away from the sides.


The soaps in the photographs on the right are all made in my Nizzy's divider soap moulds. You can see how nice and smooth the sides and corners are. Freezing them for 24 hours is the solution.

Cheering !! This has worked for me every time, whether it being with whipped or cp soap. I hope this has helped some of you. If it has then I am happy !!
Kind blessings, Robyn


I am now doing goats milk soap as whipped as well. Yesterday I made a whipped goats milk with lavender & rosewood essential oil. Mmmmmmmm smells nice.

Robyn Deakin - NSW - Australia

A-Dorius Hand made Soap -


18th August 2006:

This is a picture of my second try at whipped soap. I coloured it with 'koolaid'. Here you can find some of the other soaps that I've made before.
Greetings Ada - The Netherlands

1st December 2006:

I just made my first soap last Monday. I coloured it with black and mahogany henna, but it didn't turn out like I hoped. The black henna didn't turn black. Nevertheless I'm quite pleased with my first result.  We named the soap: camouflage soap :-)

I am working on a small homemade website about making whipped soap in Dutch language. We are used to call this soap 'The Nizzy' because it's your idea to make whipped soap (we believe).

For this reason I would like to tell people a little bit about you and your website also.

Ingrid - The Netherlands



2nd April 2007:

We are a cottage industry nestled in the Strzelecki ranges in Gippsland Victoria Australia. My husband, Ian and I live on a small property with magnificent views overlooking some of Australia's richest dairy country. Ian's love is the property and he tenderly cares for all the plants and animals on it.
Myself, Glynnis...well I love all things 'country' and my goats are an important part of my day along with my family. Amongst my friends I'm affectionately know as 'the goat lady on the hill'!

This is my first attempt at making 'Whipped Soap'

Here as you can see Glynnis has re-created the 'Aussie Pavlova' using both whipped soap and embeds made with M&P. Glynnis is preparing for one of the larger markets in Victoria  hosted by 'Craft markets Australia'. This work will sure turn heads and spark conversations, nice one Glynnis :-)

Glynnis Murray - Victoria - Australia - Udderly Delightful -

3rd April 2007:

Here's my pic of my whipped soap :)  I made up the following recipe;

500g Palm

100g Coconut

50g Cocoa butter


80g Soybean Oil

70g Olive oil


106g Sodium Hydroxide

260g Spring Water

 Palm and coconut at solid room temp. Cocoa melted with soybean and olive, then added warm to the palm and coconut. Sodium Hydroxide mixed into the water, left standing for about 10 mins, then added slowly while still warm. Glopped into my mould, covered and left alone for 4 hours, then un-moulded and cut with a wire cutter :) Voila!!!


I use Patchouli, May Chang and Eucalyptus for a clean fresh earthy scent, and I used black Australian magnetite clay to get a nice grey/blue pastel colour swirl :)


Kathy Jones - NSW - Australia  Re'Vitalize Handmade Naturals

27th May 2007:


I just started using the soap from my first "whipped" batch. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this process and the results. I'm enclosing pics of three of the bars. The unmolding went extremely well, with hardly any difficulties. With all the creative possibilities, I'm surprised this process hasn't received much more notoriety. (If I hadn't just happened upon your site, I still would never have heard of it.) I'm spreading the word ...I have a page on my site dedicated to this process, with high praise and acknowledgment to you as it's creator.

Thanks again.

Joseph -


3rd March 2008:

I have been on your website several times. I have tried my own recipe for the Whipped Soaps and I am just hooked. I haven't made a batch of regular cold process soaps in weeks. I just recently gotten a new mould that holds up to 31 bars just so I can make more whipped soap. Here is my first attempt at making my whipped soap

Thanks again

Michelle D. Ortiz

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15th March 2008:

Dear Terry,

Thought you might like this photo of some of the soaps you inspired me to make, saw your website earlier this year and was fascinated by the soap and I thought so much of you ( as not many people want to help anyone these days) , for putting it our there for the rest of us to have a go at. I trained as a chef at the Australian Club in Sydney and made desserts there for 5 years and worked as a chef for many years after that..... and now i make soap.

Thank you so much for the inspiration !!!

Regards  Ally


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Hi Terry,

I am loving this soap -can't stop making it -it has an amazing texture and look to it - unlike any thing else.  I am using a base of vegetable shortening, coconut, shea butter and canola oil as the soft oil.  Some of the colours are quite light so I find I have to use alot of colour. Sometimes the lumps get stuck in the piping bag so I will have to maybe whip longer or melt the oils a little more before starting.


Thanks again for all your sharing and information,



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Inverary, Ontario, Canada





April 15th 2010


Hi Terry, 

I'm Cynthia from Guadeloupe in the Carribean sea.


Your site is very useful! I tried a whipped soap, I attach some pics.


I made a first one, but I used too many liquid oils. And it began to gel. But I did not pay attention of the fact the mould was hot !! I was too impatient..


I unmoulded it only 2h30 hours after... here it is   

I wanted to have 3 colours clear yellow, pink and green, with a blue line in yellow and pink, but it changed ! The soap was to soft, and I began to cut.. I was deforming... I was so upset against myself. I made another one, with the 75% solid oils, using some dark cocoa butter. I wait about 4 hours, and then it was perfect!!! I used some pieces from the first soap to decorate, like a brownie with marshmallows lol.


 The first one scented as a fruity candy. and now the scent is mixed with the cocoa one.. absolutely amazing and edible !


The day after, I could not resist to see it float. I put a piece in a cup of water. And it does!

I tested also the soap, very creamy, bubbly, hard, It leaves the skin moisturised. I love it!


I used a plastic box, just oiled, and not problem when unmoulded, neither when I cut it. I cut again a piece in two, 24 hours after, and no problem, the soap is firm! I did not damage it. I will cure it one wee and make a try to see if it enough for use.


Thank you very much for your tutorial. I wanted to give you my first experience and it was very funny !

I will try again for sure !






April 21st 2010


Hi Terry,

I would be wrapped to be on the 'pioneers' page!.

My cake wasnít wholly whipped, only the white, I used 'Cold Process' for the chocolate coloured, pretty easy to do and effective :-)

I have been toying with the idea of whipped for a while but couldnít find my 'Kenwood' whisk. So after cleaning out all my cupboards and I donít have many, I did find it, so off to work it went.

Next on the soap bench will be an orange and poppy seed cake! ...


Take care

Julie Andrews -







May 19th 2010


Hi Terry,

I wanted to say thanks for a lovely informative site. This soap is thanks to all your knowledge.



Odie  (Odette Handley)