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New Wooden Soap Mould Boxes 

Model 'D'

9 Square Cavities


Model 'A'

12 Rectangle Cavities


Model 'C'

20 Rectangle Cavities


Model 'H'

30 Rectangle Cavities



Model 'G'

16 Cubes


Standard Log Mould


Tall & Skinny Log Mould


Soap Planer



700 gram Log Mould


Information about lining the mould boxes and unmoulding from the dividers.



Email Terry Here With Your Order or Questions


I will weigh the order then email you back with a shipping quote.

The dividers are included in the price of the mould box. 

Dividers 'Only'

Sets of Dividers can be purchased separately.

Australia AU $

Model A        12 Cavity Mould Box                            $28.00plus postage

Model D          9 Cavity Mould Box                            $28.00 plus postage 

Model C        20 Cavity Mould Box                            $42.00 plus postage

Model G        16 Cubes Mould Box                            $42.00 plus postage

Model H        30 Cavity Mould Box                            $54.00 plus postage 


Updated October 2014


Overseas Countries Pay with PayPal Only. I invoice you through PayPal. When you receive the invoice, you simply follow the instructions. You use your credit card to make the payment. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use this facility.

Australian Clients... please use the payment methods below:

You can
'Direct Deposit' into my bank account, email me for my particulars.

Credit Card payments can be made through PayPal.


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