Tutorials - Tips & Hints



To be more accurate, these files are more of a 'Working Diary' of my work , some are experiments, while others are tools I have made which I thought I would share with others.


I tend to have a 'make do' attitude when it comes to soaping and these files contain some of the ways I get around problems to obtain my goals. I prefer my tools to be functional, I'm not much concerned what they look like. It's the final product which really counts. I hope you can use the ideas or help you design your own tools.



1     Simple Yet Elegant Swirling Technique


2    Make an Oval PVC Mould Using a Heat Gun


3    My First Result Using a PVC Pipe Mould


4    Make a Simple Soap Cutter


5    My Cream Soap Experience


6    Creating a Thin Dark Line Between Soap Layers  & Using Lily Stamens to Colour Soap


7    Embedding Butterfly Shapes Into Cold Process Soap


8    Making Textured Silicone/Polyurethane Mould Inserts


9    Foaming Petit Fours - Bubble Bath & Bomb All In One.


10   Bubbly Bath Truffles - Disperse in the running water for a fragrant bubble bath.


11.   Simple Soap Log Cutter