Nizzy's Soap Mould / Mold


Butterflies Embedded in Cold Process Soap




I found some really economically priced silicone ice cube moulds in the shapes of small butterflies, only $2.00 per mould with 13 small butterflies to each mould. My fertile mind began to kick in and I thought these would like nice in a bar of soap so I purchased a few of them to make up this tutorial.






I got to work and made up some un-fragranced cold process (CP) soap. I used 5 colours which I thought would compliment each other while set in a base of white CP. The butterflies are approximately 30mm X 20mm


Here you can see the different colours in the silicone moulds waiting to set.




The soaps popped out easily enough and I had planned on using my soap planer to slice them into thin slivers but the soap was too fresh and they were curling up so I used one of my small paring knives with a thin blade to slice them up by hand. They then kept their flat shape even if they were a little thicker than I had anticipated.



I let them dry out for week.



All ingredients ready to go, along with the sliced up butterflies.



The soap is now at 'trace' ready for the addition of the butterflies.



I fragranced the CP soap and added the butterflies. I realised I could have had had more butterflies in the amount of CP I made up. Its amazing just how much of the re-batched butterflies you can fit into a small amount of CP.




The mix was poured into the mould box and using a gloved hand :-) I poked the butterflies down to the bottom of the mould box so they would be flat as I didn't have enough of the butterflies cut to give a good solid filling so to make sure I had at least one good solid covering of the butterflies I pushed them to the base.


You can see how bare the surface looks after unmoulding.



The base is a different story :-) Pushing them into the by hand has paid off!

Now they are ready to push out of the cavities.


The finished bars turned out just as I had visualised them in my head. LOL



























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