Soap Planer





You'll love the ease in which you can now trim your soap and to give your soap that smooth finished look and feel, simply push the bar over the blade and a thin sliver of soap will be shaved from the surface.  This also removes that white 'soda ash' effect that sometimes develops on soap. You can also bevel the edges of your bars by turning the bar on its edge and passing it over the blade.

The shavings left over  can be placed in a dish and placed on your vanity to be used for 'single washes'.  Several colours and fragrances in the same dish can look quite attractive.



The slivers.



A close-up of the sliver


Further uses of the Planer….

We all end up with bars which are not quite good enough for selling or giving. With  little effort you can make these out of your scrap bars of soap and save some money.

Sit the bar of soap on its edge and plane away. If the soap is fresh it will begging to curl when you slice it off. Just re-roll them by hand to neaten them up. They can be used as ‘single’ wash. Placed in a bowl near the hand basin. Impress your friends and visitors :-)


 Same thing again only this time I flattened them and then cut the slice in half so they became square shaped. I placed them on a piece of greaseproof then another layer of greaseproof paper on the top and put a couple of books on it to weigh it down for a day or so to stop them re-curling. Another couple of days to dry out completely and again ….

More single washes or put some in a cellophane bag and keep some in the glove box of your car. How many times have you visited public toilets where there is no soap at all?  :-O


More rolls, these you can press into half set cold process soap to add another dimension to the design or drop them in sideways into the freshly made cold process soap, so when you cut the soap you can see the coloured swirls inside.

More flat ‘leaves’ of soap. Sounds nicer than ‘slivers’ J

One of the glovebox of your car! J


You can change the shape of the scrolls by using this technique of shaving the bar of soap.

Start over on the right hand side of the surface, point the end of the soap bar to the corner up at the top left of the soap planer.

Then as you push towards the top left corner slide the soap bar from the right to the left. You end up with a shape in the photo above. All you need do then is to shape it a little by hand to a funnel shape. 


Here you can see how I have used the funnel shapes to decorate this soap cake. The cream coloured piping is your normal Cold Process soap. I leave it to thicken to a piping consistency, then spoon it into a piping bag and decorate the top layer. While the piping is still soft I embed the decorative pieces I made earlier into the soft piping mixture.

Be aware that some Fragrant Oils and some Essential Oil will accelerate the mix and it will become too thick to pipe. So get to know which fragrances give you the most time to play.

Plan ahead is also wise. 


Here is a close up of the soap cake after it has been sliced.


This planer has an exposed blade please use extreme caution and is to be used by responsible adults.

Injuries can result from improper use or mishandling of this product.