Shaping Re-batched Soap to use in CP

I was testing the milled (grated) soap in the microwave and and the thought came to me that I could roll this into shapes and place it into a mould then pour a fresh made batch of Cold Process soap into the mould. It worked fine and the combinations are endless.  You could even just dice up your bars into 1cm cubes ( inch), use one two or even three colours. The pink rose I didn't use, I'm just showing off. ;-))

The mould I am using is 2 inches by 3 inches and 3 inches deep.  This gives me the choice of pouring just a single layer or fill it to the top and then hand slice it to get three bars out of each segment.  This is sometimes preferred as the desired pattern is not always on the outside of the bar, cutting through it gives a good cross section view. 

The mandarin scented soap was too 'orange' I made the mistake of colouring the batch without knowing the mandarin oil was a deep orange colour too so it received a double dose, I'll know next time.

This lavender scented mix was coloured with mauve ultramarine and it could have had a little more but I was happy with the finished result, sort of a pale dove grey with a white marbleised effect which happened all by itself.  This is the first recipe I have used a higher amount of coconut oil and I only hope I can repeat it later as the effect is attractive. The recipe is below:


450 gms

Canola Oil

200 gms

Coconut Oil

350 gms

Virgin Olive Oil

200 gms

Caustic Soda (Lye)

170  gms


400  mls

Rolling Shapes 1.jpg (85189 bytes)

The hand rolled shapes of rebatched soap.


Rolling Shapes 2.jpg (75125 bytes)

More shapes from rebatched soap.


Rolling Shapes 3.jpg (62356 bytes)

Close up of shapes.

Setting Up 01.jpg (67729 bytes)

Placing the rebatched soap shapes into the mould segments.  With this mould I can fill it to the top then hand slice each segment into three separate bars. Or just a single layer which I have done here.

Setting Up 02.jpg (50033 bytes)

Another view of the mould ready for pouring.

Setting Up 03.jpg (49806 bytes)

The CP soap poured over the pieces of rebatched soap.

Setting Up 04.jpg (43876 bytes)

Closer look.

Setting Up 05.jpg (72660 bytes)

I swirled this black& white then inserted the red pieces of rebatched soap when the mix was at jell stage. The top of the soap looks quite black but it was surface only

Setting Up 06.jpg (90019 bytes)

Here is the same mix when turned upside down.


Setting Up 07.jpg (83600 bytes)

Closer view

Setting Up 08.jpg (71497 bytes)

This turned out too dark, I coloured the CP to a nice shade then opened the bottle of Mandarin EO and it too was coloured orange.  In fact I could have used just the mandarin EO to scent and colour.

Setting Up 09.jpg (51922 bytes)

Closer view

Aniseed 1.JPG (116578 bytes)

The finished product

Lavender 1.jpg (111590 bytes)

The round lavender soap was made from rebatch from the same mix, extra mauve ultramarine was added for colour.

Lavender 2.jpg (277881 bytes)

You can get a good look at the marbleizing which happened. This was a nice surprise and hopefully I can repeat it 

Mandarin 1.jpg (128699 bytes)

The Mandarin scented bars with inserted yellow