All of the cup cakes, black forest slice, peppermint slice, lemon meringue base and filling and the red cherries for the topping were made from re-batched soap.

Chocolate colour is was achieved by using Cocoa Powder, I think I am releasing all of my food fantasies because I’m not supposed to eat these things any more and Lemon Meringue and Peppermint Slice are two of my favourites ;-))  What do you reckon???

You can add FO’s and EO’s to these and they hold the scent but the ‘Soap Frosting’ only allows for colouring to be added.  Maybe there is another way around it but as soon as I add any of the FO’s or EO’s it begins to collapse and you won’t get the nice sharp edges on the piping.

The lemon meringue filling was the re-batched logs I made when I botched up the soap frosting on the first attempt. Adding Titanium Dioxide to the soap and you know how re-batched soap has a semi transparent finish to it, well, I thought I would add some titanium oxide to the re-batched to give it a more opaque look.  I added yellow food colour and poured it into the pie dish onto the brownish (biscuit) base, it set fast and looks great don’t you think?

When I rolled the cherries from the warm re-batched soap I left them to dry for half an hour then just wet my hands (very lightly) and rolled about six together and it gave them a semi gloss, they dried with the semi gloss.  You know if you wet your hands too much as they lather, just wipe your hands dry and re-roll them with the lather on them, it disappears and you get the shine your after.

The biscuit base layer separated from the lemon filling, I just wet both sides and pushed them together, they are still stuck together.  Maybe both surfaces have to be wet when you pour another soap over an already set one. I have since learnt you spray both sides with alcohol then press them together.

The rest of the photos show some techniques with the piping bag and flowers and leaves can be piped out and stored for later use, just make a fresh mix of 'Frosting' and use it stick on the pre made leaves and flowers.  The final photo are moulded pieces of soap and heart cut outs embedded into CP soap.

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