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The Aromatic Outback - Lisa WB's natural handcrafted soaps and skincare products with over a decade's experience in soapmaking.


Aussie Soap Supplies - Jude & David Birch's Supplies. Best range of Colourants & BrambleBerry FO's in Australia. Both Jude & Dave have a wealth of knowledge about soap making and ingredients. They really know their products.


a-dorius - Robyn Deakin makes quality  hand made soaps with nice tutorial on making 'Goat's Milk Soap'.


Redgum Soaps - Vicki Younger's luxurious and natural skincare range made in the traditional way. Soaps, Skin Care, Aromatherapy.


Heirloom Body Care - Kerry Pearson's soap & handmade body care products supplies. Nice gel candles Kerry.


Escentials of Australian - Australian based supplier of quality essential oils, ingredients and hard to source ingredients for soap, cosmetics and candle makers.


Beeswax Creations - Rewa Ward's 100% beeswax, chemical & pesticide free handcrafted candles. Nice site!


AustralianSoapmakers - Lisa WB's new Website with Articles - Recipes - Tips n Hints.


Soap Making Essentials - Cathy Winsby has a very informative soap making website. Tutorials - Recipes - Tips n Hints - Soap Calculators and much more.  I wish this site had been around when I first started with so much information in one place. Nice website Cathy.



Ozcalc - Lisa WB's soap calculator. The NaOH sap value for coconut oil has been updated to a milder figure as per general consensus in the international soaping community.


Fresh Soap Ideas

Lana King's new Australian website offering Soap Colorants, Packaging, Silicone Moulds and Soap Bases. This site is still growing so check back often for new additions.