Gingerbread House

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This project started when a few other soapers on the forum I was a member of put out a challenge to the other soapers to discover other creative ways to used re-batched soap. When your just starting the soap making journey we seem to amass quite a stash of soaps that are just not up to the mark, or they're the wrong colour, fragrance etc.

I decided to make a gingerbread house, I don't know why I chose to do so because there was not logical way of even using the soap lol.  Maybe donate it to a childcare centre and let the kids demolish it and get their hands washed at the same time :-)  I was happy with the results and so I decided to display how I made it up and put it all together.

I photographed the house against a plain background and this gave me the option of adding different background images (Spring, Summer. Autumn or Winter) to the house just to make it a little more interesting. The lady in the bottom left corner of the first photo is not related to me.  Should she bear any resemblance to someone you know it is purely accidental :-P

            House 0.jpg (142230 bytes)

This is the finished house, read on to see the tutorial on how I constructed it.

Rebatch.jpg (82757 bytes)

Rebatched soap for the walls and roof.

Rolling.jpg (65229 bytes)

Roll out the rebatched soap between layers of plastic lightly spritzed with water.

Drying.jpg (82793 bytes)

Placed the rolled soap on paper to dry out and stiffen. Try plain paper as the newsprint came off onto the soap.

Soap Roof Tiles 2.jpg (68722 bytes)

These are the roof tiles made from coloured rebatched soap.

Walls 2.jpg (94281 bytes)

The walls joined together awaiting the roof slabs to be added.

Beginning the Tree 3.jpg (54876 bytes)

Rolled pieces of rebatch and I placed a nail into a piece of wood to hold the tree while I piped on the leaves.

Trees.jpg (66615 bytes)

The leaves piped onto the rebatched base. I started at the base and overlapped the leaves on the way to the top.

House Original 2.jpg (112047 bytes)

The finished house.

House End.jpg (87122 bytes)

Detail of the end of the house and the soap frosting piping of decoration

Detail.jpg (40142 bytes)

Detail of the flower boxes and the soap frosting I used to cover the joins.