My First PVC Tube Soap



Here are the results of my first PVC downpipe soap.  I used the same principle for dividing the two colours as I did in the tutorial for the Blue & Yellow swirled soap.


I have never had a problem with Brambleberry's Orchid FO accelerating but on this occasion I did, maybe it had something to do with the 33% water discount I used?   


I placed a cardboard divider into the mould to separate the two sides then mixed the soap. The same way as I did with the Blue & Yellow Upright Log Mould,  I fragranced the whole mix then split it. One I coloured  a mulberry shade the other side I left natural.  It began to thicken even before the ultramarine was added so I knew I would be moving fast now.


Even as I moved the lip of the bowl to the mould, it was too thick to pour. Using a large spoon I crammed it in then pushed in the next side. Huge cavities had formed so a few mighty bangs on the benchtop were required.


It heated up fast and was into its gel phase within 5 minutes.  I left it overnight and cut it the next morning. There were some large holes in parts of it but I did manage to get about 8 good looking bars out of it.


BB's Orchid smells great and it lathers up a storm so most of it was salvageable. My next attempt will be without the water reduction .

On the plus side you can see that during the gel phase the two layers welded together nicely. I just wish I had time to give it a little swirl.


I made the glass dish too!  I dabble in 'Slumped Glass' with my daughter.


Mulberry/White fragranced with BB's Orchid



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