Model A


12 Cavity Wooden Mould Box


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12 Cavity Mould Box  - Model A - Rectangular Bars

This wooden mould produces a bar size of approximately 82mm X 62mm  (2 inches X 3" inches) weighing 110 grams  and 20mm thick.

The dividers have a height of 45mm so you can make a thicker bar if you wish.

This box can also be used as a 'slab' mould to form logs then the logs can be hand cut to individual sized bars.


The dividers will easily handle the temperatures developed when making Cold Process soap even when its gelling.


Not Recommended for CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process)

The polypropylene dividers can withstand boiling water temps when not assembled for a short time they are not recommended to be used for the 'CPOP' (cold process oven process) method of soaping where the mould box is placed in the oven for longer periods of time. This can make the end dividers warp horizontally and give you misshapen bars.


If you have stored the dividers flat but on an uneven surface and they are slightly warped then you can lay them in the sink and pour boiling water onto them or dip them into the boiling water then lay them flat to cool.




These photos generously supplied by the talented Irene & Jessica Hird.

Examples of soap made using the Nizzy wooden divider moulds.





These wooden boxes are sold in a 'raw' state to keep the prices low.


I recommend you give the box a coat or two of lacquer to waterproof them against spills and stains.  Or you can just give them a coat of oil to prime the wood, which will also give the box some protection against spills or stains.


For general use: a recipe weighing 1.2kg (oils & water combined) will produce 12 bars approximately 20mm thick with an average weight of 108g per bar.


Using those calculations you can work out the amount of soap needed to make 25mm 30mm, 35mm or 40mm bars. For each 10mm (1cm) add an extra 600g for example if your wanting to make thicker bars then just add 600g of soap mixture for each 10mm.

20mm thick = 1.200kg

25mm thick = 1.500kg

30mm thick = 1.800kg

35mm thick = 2.100kg

40mm thick = 2.400kg


The internal measurements of the box is 252mm X 252mm and 70mm deep.


This mould holds 4kg filled to the top of the rim of the box, if your making a single block of soap without the dividers.


Plastic Bin Liner:

The boxes need to be lined for use, a simple liner made from a plastic bin liner is fine.


Baking Paper:

Baking parchment or paper has a silicone coating and is better to use than greaseproof paper which wrinkles badly.


Freezer Paper:

Freezer paper is another choice of lining. The paper has a plastic coating on one side of it which gives the soap a nice smooth finish. I buy my freezer paper from 'Punch with Judy'.  


Laminating Plastic:

Laminating plastic is also good. I use plastic which has been stuck together with nothing between the layers. I cut the template in such a way the ends fold inwards to form a waterproof tray. The soap peels away nicely to give you a smooth shiny finish. You can re-use the laminated plastic many times, depending how well you take care of them.